Runway number glitch

Device: Oppo Reno 7z Pro 5G
Operating system:
ColorOS 13.0

Which airport is that at? ICAO code?
also which aircraft is it? (Didn’t think it’s related to airframe, just to be sure.)

Airport is WSSS, A321-200.

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Hi, I’ve checked runway 02C at this airport and have been unable to find any issues.

Have you tried a simple Clear Scenery Cache to see if this fixes the issue?

  • Relaunch Infinite Flight (make sure it’s removed from the background)

  • Go to Settings → Clear Scenery Cache

  • Try starting a flight, we recommend you try solo first.

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce this.

iPad Pro 12.9 4th Gen - iPadOS 17.4 (21E219)

IPhone 14 pro iOS 17.4 (21E219)

24.2 (8327) - DB088A42

You might try clearing the scenery cache.
You find this in settings / general way down the list.

Well i posted another topic about it and a staff member told me that it has been fixed so thats prob why yall cant see it anymore.

I dont have PRO, very sad

It’s definitely worth a try in the future!

Can you confirm are you still seeing this issue?

I mean, i used to have PRO but my mother forced me to cancel it because she said it was a waste of money.

No, i am no longer seeing this issue.

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Hope we can see you back in the online skies soon 🙂