Runway Number Changed at KLAS

Found this article really cool! It is going to be hard to forget 07/25.

If anyone has more information please post.


This is very interesting ! FYI, Geneva airport is changing their runway number too ! From 23 to 22 ;-)

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yeah great and in a few hundred years we gotta change all the runways by 180 degrees when the magnetic poles shift. Can’t we just leave them the way we are as 0 pointing towards the magnetic north as of 1955? Or as we know, true North.
Cause if we change when the magnetic polls flip for a few decades there will be lots of 0˚ headings…

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What I understand is the earth sometimes rotates the magnetic heading every years or so?

Ins this correct, or did I totally not listen in science?

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Did St Marteen change there’s from 9-27 to10-28? Or is that just me


Oh wow, that’s really unique and cool! Gonna be a real pain for Airport Staff to change runway markings and everything…

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Well the magnetic north pole isn’t on the north pole, now it’s somewhere around Canada. :) So you are correct


When did you become Las Vegas International Airport’s chief runway markings liaison? 😂


Oh dear. I thought you meant in IF sorry

I believe it changes every 5 years or its at least considered

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