Runway not in localizer list

Maybe it’s something I am missing, but more than once it has happened that the runway where I plan to land is not in the localizer list. Normally once my flight plan has a destination airport, the different ILS and GPS runways are displayed first in the list. When this does not happen, is it a bug or is it something I am doing wrong? When having these type of issues and requiring assistance, how do I inform the ATC?

Some airports don’t have ILS/LOC or GPS approach for all runways. The reason can be found in the presence of obstacles, noise restrictions or turbulent areas. Check the real STAR airport diagram available to be sure.

Sometimes it can happen, that not all ILS beams are visible at a certain distance from the airport. In this case continue your approach and try to connect when closer and with a heading within 20-30 deg. to the final leg course. It should appear at 12-15 NM distance.

If you still believe there is a bug, just report the airfield and the runway involved. Somebody will check and report to you.

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You should add the airport in your flightplan. Just click the airport icon and add it to your flightplan. Then you can choose the runway you’ll land.


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Thank you, this really helps. The one thing that is still not clear to me is how do I let know the ATC that I am having trouble, i.e. I cannot set the localizer to the indicated runway. With this, the ATC may instruct the pilot to fly to a safe area until the problem is solved or another appropriate action. The Unable alternative is great, although the possibility of explaining why is missing and it is not available when communicated with airport tower.

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Most of us are aware of the airports where it’s difficult to pick up the localizer, so we’ll give you a little latitude. LAX is a prime example. If I remember right, 24L is tough if not impossible to pick up. What I do when I’m having trouble, is fly offset from a parallel runway till I pickup the runway I’m looking for. Not ideal, but it works. Also, use the map, and make it “kind of” a visual approach.

Great way to offset the issue, thanks a lot!

Its actually only because IF only has the capability to display 6 different localizers on the screen at one time.

Every runway in IF has a ‘fake glideslope / localizer’. Obstructions, real world charts etc have nothing to do with it. Even a dirt runway in the middle of nowhere has a fake glideslope in IF, contrary to what people are stating above.Also contrary to what is stated above, it has nothing really to do with distance. In the real world, you will not pick up an ILS signal from 100NM away, however, in IF you can.

The issue is if your destination airport has more than 3 runways (ie there will be 6 approaches for 3 runways - 3 runways X approach from either end = 6 approaches). LAX for example has four runways (therefore 8 different approaches) and you often cannot select the approach for 25L until you have already intercepted the localizer and it now appears on your screen. Prior to this you generally cannot select it, even though its marked as your destination in your flight plan, which is annoying

The solution is a scroll list for all approaches to allow you to scroll through more than 6 approaches. I actually think there is already a feature request/issue thread re this…

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If you don’t feel comfortable with your approach then just announce a missed approach or a go around and request departure to the east/west/south/north, according to your planned alternate airport. The tower will then clear you accordingly.


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