Runway names

The runways of Schiphol has names.

04-22: Oostbaan
06-24: Kaagbaan
09-27: Buitenveldertbaan
18R-36L: Polderbaan
18C-36C: Zwanenburgbaan
18L-36R: Aalsmeerbaan

Is there an another airport in the world who gives names to his runway(s)?
Tell me!

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Not that I know of. My local airport FRA doesn’t really give names, just something similar like:
-“Startbahn Nord-West” meaning runway in the direction of Northwest.
-“Neue Landebahn” meaning new runway. This name was given to it after the airport extension.

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Not at KJFK

And the RWY 25C is called “Centerbahn” ;)

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Same thing at CDG, no " real " names. Just ’ Piste Nord ’ and ’ Piste Sud ’ (= North RWYs and South RWYs)

Piste Nord = North Runway = RWY09L/R & RWY27L/R.

Piste Sud = South Runways = RWY08L/R & RWY26L/R.



At LBA we have “the runway”. We only have one.

At haneda, they call the runways letters.

I named runways at LGA based on my spotting preferences. Not official of course but if they count…

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