Runway misunderstanding: Who is in the wrong?

I hate socal sometimes. I called into LAX tower inbound on the ILS runways 25L. The wind was calm so there was no reason for him to tell me to enter the downwind for 06L. If I was in the wrong then I take full responsibility for it.

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Was this advanced or playground? ATC does choose runway operations

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Looks like you where cleared for 25 by the Approach controller only for Tower to redirect you to 05? Whilst Tower is running the runways unfortantly there is no way to communicate this to who ever is running Approach!

Oh this was definetly the playground being cleared for the ILS at 8000 ft


Hi Jack.

We’re there other aircraft around ? I presume as it was at KLAX there probably were ! If they were all being directed to use the 06s then you can’t expect to just go against the whole airport traffic flow, and so you would be in the wrong.
If there was no one else around then you could argue that you should have been allowed the runway of your choosing, but it’s still ultimately the controller’s decision.
Clearly this was playground as approach was directing you to one runway and then tower to the opposite ! Build up enough XP and come fly on the advanced server for a more realistic experience.

Well, I guess the airport was very busy and as @Simon_H says above, it’s still the controller’s decision ultimately. I also got an instruction which I followed yesterday, but it was following the traffic flow.

I must commend LAX ATC for being constantly active, though.

Ok thanks guys, I take full responsibility for this. I should know better having over 100k xp!


This happens to me all the time. I want to land on ILS 07L but they tell me to land on 25R when I’m on the 07L/R side.

@Jack_ I’ll recommend you to fly on the Advanced server with over 100.000 XP :) There this won’t happen for sure. There is a huge advanced ATC live stream behind the scenes where everything, especially runways in use, between tower and approach controllers are being discussed.