Runway meaning

Hi I am flying and I notice that sometimes the runway numbers turn from green into orange on the flight nav. what does this mean

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Screenshot 2024-03-17 at 21.45.53

Its based on winds - see screenshot above.

However most aircraft in Infinite Flight can handle a tailwind of up to ~10kts. So red doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t land on that runway.

Screenshot was from this page of the User Guide!


If I am not mistaken it show when winds changes. For example when it indicates that it is green winds are calm or headwind. For orange it indicates a crosswind. For red crosswind or tail winds.

Green is the runway with the best conditions, usually headwind going straight down the runway or calm winds

Orange signifies crosswinds where operating will be a bit more of a challenge but still doable if you practice enough

Red means tailwinds either straight down or crosswinds and it is NOT recommended you use this runway ( unless you absolutely need to )

Always aim for green, if not orange!

Just to add on to this:
The colored runway numbers can sometimes lag behind the ATIS updates, so it’s always good to check both.

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Yeah, always go with the ATIS/METAR over the colours.

To add too, some airports have preferred runways. So even though its a tailwind (red), it may be operationally needed. As someone else said, most airliners can land with up to 10kypts tailwind component.

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