Runway markings

Could someone please explain to me what those markings mean…thanks in advance

Which region and airport?


Judging by how they look, irregular and not of the same size, they might have been done by the airport editing team as a test for something, and they simply forgot to remove them.
@Kilt_McHaggis, what are those markings?

We need some more information to better understand what airport that is?

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If I recall correctly they are mock carrier deck markings, for navy pilots to practice landings


They have them at 29 stumps and miramar.

Aircraft Carrier markings, I believe.

They added those for aircraft carrier, but there’s no water.

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These are carrier deck markings, found in 2 airports, 29 Springs and Miramar!


Are these a test for something or did you guys implement them and were meaning to take it out but you guys forgot take it out?

These markings exist in real life!

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Ohh Ok sorry. I’m just wondering.

No need to be sorry. I’m just answering your questions


Carrier markings. They exist in real life and are there for training purposes.

In witch region lies the airports

Both are in SoUthern California

a_guidemenko is correct. They’re FCLP markings which the Navy uses for practicing carrier landings at thier bases and runways. FCLP stands for Field Carrier Landing Practice. Here in the Hampton Roads area Oceana uses Fentress. I can’t find any real photos but here’s a screen shot from FSX.
FCLP Landing with F-18

Just check satellite for KNKX and KNXP. I used these images as a template for the lines.