Runway Markings

I’ve searched for a topic similar to this and couldn’t find one, so here we go.
I think it would be cool to have the runway names on taxiways. I would be necessary to have markings like this if IF were to become more realistic. This definitely won’t be the next priority, but it would be a nice feature. It would be nice to have these if you’re looking for a runway or taxiway. I’ll have pictures up in a moment. If possible, please don’t comment until they’re up.

Credit to Andre van Haarlem


Oh you meant those, i see what you mean now :).

Which is why he said please don’t comment until the photo is posted. 😜


How do you make credit links?
Sorry I don’t normally make feature requests

You can click on the chain link button to hyperlink what you want, or you can copy the URL of the image.

Alrighty, I’ll give it a try. I can’t find the photo on google anymore, so I’ll get another one

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I believe this is already I thing like taxiway lights but they’re not rendered into the game. You can put them in on the airport editing software (WED) but they won’t render into Infinite Flight. Still, good idea


Not at all a duplicate. I suggest you read the thread as this link you provided was already claimed to be a duplicate, until showed it is not a duplicate.
Good day.


This would be a cool little addition to the runway. I like it.



We already have those markings - not sure what you’re trying to say?


So just to clarify, your wheels can touchdown anywhere in the touchdown zone, not just the two white bars?


Sorry man , after I have send it noticed it’s not related , but for those that didn’t know.

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It looks like but aim for aiming piont when land.

I removed my vote for this, as I will most likely make an updated feature request for this in the future. Can this please be closed?

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Op requested closure