Runway Markings Explained

I found this video in my recommendations on YouTube. Most of you (including me) already know most of this information, but for those of you who don’t, this will explain what the different runway markings signify. Enjoy!


Is it weird that I literally watched this 20 minutes ago?


Wow. Coincidence I suppose.


Yes very strange haha, but I assume you watch a lot of aviation-related videos like I do so I guess it makes sense.


Very useful I must say, although I know the majority of the content before watching it.

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Wow I saw that video last night. I never knew the blast pads were a no no. I like it

Perfect, a lot of people need to see this.

I watched it too 30 min ago lel

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It was a good video, but the only thing you need to know about a runway is the two big white boxes.

This is weird. It just popped up on my recommended too and I watched it before I read this…

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So this is probably a violation! ;)


I saw it earlier to…hmmmm

Not sure how long the chevrons are at SXM, it might trick you, but Yes I agree, that is really low…

It’s the lowest I’ve seen.
I would have added “so far”, but it’s over, so…

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Don’t remind me of it!!! :'(

What’s the YouTube channel?

Maybe because the runway is so short they are allowed to land on that area

Makes complete sense to me bro. Makes complete sense.

No its just a short blast pad. You would never be allowed to touchdown there. As stated in the video the material they build the pad with is designed to give under the weight of the aircraft.

The area you see at St Marten is not designed to ‘give’ under the weight of the aircraft. You are thinking of the ‘engineered materials arresting system (EMAS)’ which is designed to energy dissipate and may well be painted with chevrons.

The primary reason that you have the chevrons to the inset landing threshold is to allow for the minimum requirement of 50’ gear clearance above the airfield boundary. Without which you will end up with what is in the picture above.

AFAIK the Captain on the above flight was severely reprimanded for the approach which was deemed far too low.

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