Runway Marking at LFOJ

Recently I was flying in the Paris region on live, when I noticed something. A runway at LFOJ should be runway 07, but it is currently marked as just 7. I know it is a very small thing but it makes IF not quite as realistic.

Look at the right of the screen in the above picture and you will see the problem

Here, you can see the problem again.
Is this just my device or is it a universal problem?
If it is common, could the airport editors look into it?
Thanks in advance.

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I think this a render issue with you. We editors don’t add numbers on the runway. It may have rendered differently with you. The only problem I can see that someone has called the runway wrong.
Lorenzo Schaaf

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I exactly know where the issue is, will be fixed soon. Thanks :)


It’s technically correct. Runway 7 should be 7 not 07.

Every other runway in IF is 0X, so are all the real airports so I doubt it


That’s the USA preference


It’s marked as 07 in the real world on Apple Maps

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Why I said “technically” because I know other places it’s correct