Runway Markers Took a Step Backwards

IFG is amazing and I have nothing but appreciation for all the hard work by the devs. My license fee was well spent on this game.

I was disappointed to see the changes to the mid-air floating runway markers however. They show up now at a very high altitude so its really hard to see where the runways are until youre on top of them. But even worse the little line that points directly to the end of the runway is gone now, making it even harder to see runways especially at night. Please bring back the old markers!

Didn’t you just post this in your other topic?

I’ll just reiterate my answer to that topic then;

The runway numbers show up at the edge of the approach cone to alert you of what runway you are approaching. Better than getting to short final and realising you are on the wrong runway.

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Other topic is about the mini map, this one is for the floating markers visible in your camera views while flying. I agree the markers are there but they used to have a green/yellow/red line pointing straight down to the runway and now tha5 its missing it makes it harder to see where the runway actually is when youre 3+ NM out.

Everything’s the same. I believe the runway numbers show up as you become close to the approach cone.