Runway Lights

On the global map when looking at an airport runways the number can ether be red green or orange and I was wondering what that means

Are you talking about the lights at the very beginning?

so when you pull up the map and are filling a FP and the airport you are going to the runway numbers are colored red green orange

Oh I see, so it’s just the wind direction, so green means the runway is in a headwind, orange cross wind, red tailwind, you generally want to takeoff and land in a headwind or crosswind

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That is based off the wind. If a runway is green it is the best runway to use with the way the wind direction is which is a headwind. If it’s red it is not a good runway to use because of the wind being a tail wind. So it basically telling you what runway to use based on wind direction and speed.
(Sorry my explanation is so bad)

Basically what the guy above me said

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