Runway lights visible through mountains

I was on final at KSDL and everything was going well and then the mountaintops rise above the black horizon and at first, I think it’s a glitch so I wait for about 20seconds and then I realized what was actually happening, by then it was too late. I died. So did my imaginary pet.

But in all seriousness this is an issue, especially since in IF at night the ground is pitch black so you can’t tell the difference between mountaintops.

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This has been a thing for ages ;)


oh lmao, never happened to me, why hasn’t it been fixed yet?

also there aren’t any other support topics on this

Runways have been visible through terrain for as long as I can remember. I’m sure if it was an easy fix the devs would have addressed it but it’s complex.


makes sense, they are usually super good about glitches, thanks!

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