Runway lights still flashing when Pausing the Replay

I have noticed an interesting thing.
If you are in Replay mode on Solo, you can Pause to stop the replay. But if you watch runway lights they still flashing and running. What? Those have to stop flashing if we stop the time :)

Its maybe a bug, or maybe the Replay code dont support lights.

Also, plane lights are synced with Replay speed

  1. Start a flight in solo on runway
  2. Go replay
  3. Pause replay
  4. Runway lights still flashing

Android 6 Galaxy S5

Interesting, i don’t know if the should be in #support or not… 🤔

I think this should go in #support. It’s an issue with infinite flight.

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I just tried and I got the same result…weird.

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Also, if your landing lights are off on final, then you turn them on when you are taxiing (not saying you should do that) then in replay they will be on the whole time.

Think about why we dont have this feature on live. I dont think it actually pauses, or even replays for that matter. It probably just changes the aircraft position so you can change the views.

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