Runway Lighting Glitch?

Hello community,
Check out the green runway lights in this screen recording I took:

Is this a glitch? Or is this supposed to happen?

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@racerclc This is a glitch try clearing you scenery cache :) if that dosnt work try reinstalling the app.

settings —> general —> clear cache

i had that glitch too, but fixed it by cleaning scenery cache like he said

Clearing scenery cache didn’t work for some reason.

By the way, this was on runway 05 at LDSP (solo mode).

(Decided to change the category to #support now.)

That’s an interesting issue, wonder if it might get fixed in the upcoming update!

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@racerclc did u try
Reinstalling after your unsuccessful scenery cache attempt?

No, since this is a very minor issue and deleting the app will reset my logbook (which I don’t want to happen).

This issue has been around as long as I can remember. It has to do with how the lights move with the external camera views. Reinstalling/Cache will not solve the issue or if it does it may be temporary.

This is a glitch with no resolution at this time.


@racerclc deleting the app does not delete your logbook. You rogbook, and grade table are tied in with the account you are using to purchase infinite flight. That’s why when I do a flight on my phone, it comes up on my iPad as well. I would highly reccomend deleting and reinstalling the app as that usually fixes many of the glitches present in the game.

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It will not fix this glitch.

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Ok, thanks for your reply. I do think FDS should focus on the more important glitches/features of IF instead of using their time to solve very minor issues like this one. I never even noticed this lighting glitch until after now, three years after I began to play IF, so that should say something about how this doesn’t exactly require any immediate attention.

Thanks guys! This may be closed now.