Runway light bump sounds on the wheels

When in the cockpit view and lining up with the lights on the centre of the runway, some sound to replicate when the plane is rolling over the lights and bumps. An off on/ off da-dum- da-dum style sound with maybe some rattling in the cockpit as well to mimic the sound of a proper roll from inside as the aircraft speeds up and slows down and hits the bumpy runway lights on take off and landing.

It’s something that would be quite a nice touch but this particular feature request is specific to the cockpit view and the sounds you would get when rolling over the runway lights and would add some atmospheric sound to the cockpit view :-)

These feature topics are starting to turn out more specific now. ;)


This would actually be a nice addition, If I had more votes I would vote :(

don’t forget to vote on your own topic ;)


I think this would be a great feature. Rolling down the runway hearing the plane rattle and the the da dum sound would add way more realism to this flight sim

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I am not sure if I am already hearing this on the 787…

I didnt understand please find a video example. If i can understand i can support.

Cool - so here’s a video as an example. As the plane accelerates the noise of the wheels running over the runway centre lights makes a noise that sounds like da-dum da-dum as it rolls on and off each light. At the same time the cockpit rattle/shaking noise as a result of the contact with the lights. Hope this helps!

It’s not my video, just picked one take off to show as an example…


I just love the sound when I land in Poland and my plane goes over the Runaway Bump sounds then I just feel like ‘I’ve properly made it to Poland/wherever’ else I go


Now everything is clear, i would like to vote for it after my priorities. I bookmarked this and i will vote for it when i am out of a vote.

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Not only would it IF more realistic it would also make lining up on the runway a lot easier for us

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Don’t quote me on this, but I think there is already a rattling sound in the 777-300ER if I have my volume on my device at max.

I think there is a slight rattle noise on a couple of aircraft including the 787 as @Kuba_Jaroszczyk mentioned. I guess wiith the bumping sound of the lights the rattling noise may need to be increased as well to go along with the runway movement. The idea would be that the rattle could be made louder but the bumping sound would take precedence over the rattle. Sorry, this sounds really specific but I wanted to make sure what I’m saying makes sense instead of posting vague recommendations in the features category 😊

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