Runway Length needed completely broken

Hello world
So I did a experiment to see how fast I could stop, I thought I thought it would use up 2/3 of the runway As In real life

So what I did was this: I put the Aircraft VERY heavy and I stoped like a ROCKET why?
This should not be possible?

Did you use your parking break and reverse thrusters??

I did full braking

And irl that should not happen even on full brakes

When you were doing this was it to see if you could stop like a test, or just something for fun with a commercial aircraft

How were those hot brakes? LOL.
Anyway hmm that shouldn’t happen.

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From my point of view in IF you can stop wayyy faster than irl even on partial reversers and light brakes u dont need much runway, maybe this is from my experience let me know if im wrong.


full brakes = parking brakes so you would burst tires

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true. very true.

Physics are wrong, I’m able to get to FL 400 on a fully loaded b772 without using TOGA for climb and still gaining speed. I guess project metal can fix this

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Also, RTO physics in IF are screwed, the engines are overpowered and the brakes have no restrictions or limitations

Project metal will not fix this. Project metal will only change the graphics engine, not the physics of the planes


Well max breaks and max thrust reverse is almost never used, you might be surprised how fast an airliner could really come to a stop, most of the runway is safety margins. The breaking distance in IF might be a little short, but it’s probably not as far off as you think…


In IF you can also go up to 100% N1 in reverse thrust. This does not happen in real life. Aircraft are thrust limited to somewhere around 70%-80% N1 for reverse thrust, so there’s another reason why you stop so quickly.
That said, I do agree that you shouldn’t be able to stop on a dime like you can for most aircraft in the game.

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This is normal.

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