Runway is visible through terrain when it should not be

Hey guys!

I noticed that runways are visible through terrain when it should not be. Like the picture below this was taken on approach to Molokai airport, Hawaii.

Below is a zoomed in image from the cockpit for better visibility.

And this is a picture taken from a replay (because I crashed not aware of a mountain because of the runway that was visible) to illustrate that there was actually terrain in front of it so it shouldn’t have been visible.

Sorry for the pictures being a bit dark it’s because I flew during sunrise.
Also, sadly this isn’t the first time I crashed because of this problem :( Is it supposed to work like this or is IF working to address this issue?

Thanks for taking time to read. Happy and safe flights everyone!

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Unfortunately this is what happens in Infinite Flight, just like St Barths the runways so go through the terrain and you may be fooled, but always make sure that the runway is lining up with your map. 😉

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And here’s some background information regarding the source of the issue from Philippe;


Thanks for the links and assistance all :)