"Runway is closed" button for tower ATC

I’ve realized that while I’m controlling as tower, pilots sometimes request a closed runway and despite being instructed to enter left downwind for the active runway, they continue inbound. I have had to ghost several users due to this, but I wish there was a selection in Misc. Messages that said “Runway is closed” and then the controller could select the active runway. Once the message is sent, it would say "Selected runway is closed, please join circuit for (runway #).


When I deny the request and send them to the open runway the automated response says “xx runway is closed”


Yes, that works for approach, but tower doesn’t have that option. I’m wondering if we could get the approach button on tower as well because often times, there is only tower and ground at airports.

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yup so true…

I totally agree! PESKY PILOTS

I totally agree with you and you looks like Advanced ATC, so you could goest players, but if it’s in a ATC playground seriously it’s going to be creazy huge problem.:(

When I deny the request and send them to the open runway the automated response says “xx runway is closed”

Where is that shown? On deny i have event in progress or airport is full…

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It’s a command only the approach controller has, not the tower.

Yeah, i know that…couldnt find it on approach

Should automatically say it when you change the runway

@blue_bird sometimes ATC switch traffic to reduce traffic on each runway, doesn’t always mean the runway is closed.

I am aware of that. IF does not know that though

Sadly it doesn’t, its just sayin expect vectors for gps approach runway xx

And than pilots r ramblin on…but i want the other runway, please please pretty please…

@blue_bird just seen you are a IFATC :). Maybe could be an option when you change RWY?

I’m not an approach controller, I think its either under OLD ILS approach or new or something like that. You got to play with it and you’ll find it haha

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Lol…yea, will try this out…thanks bro

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This is a serious issue sometimes i get mad and go offline so that the can enjoy using unicom

Pilot asks for ILS and I respond with Radar approach instead and that is how it responds.

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