Runway interception takeoff

2 planes started their take off at almost the same time. Luckily one was faster.(However he did takeoff from the wrong side of the runway)

Details(of my flight)
Singapore Airlines
Airbus A350-900
18hr13mins total time
Expert Server

Passengers:This ain’t a sight I’ve seen before

Captain:What are they doing?

Some airport worker: -Takes photo to show friends-


i see your the airport worker


Nah he sent to me


Love the shots!

Thank you sir

LOL, wow man @Aviator_SG. There are literally trolls in Expert Server that I literally don’t expect to see just because it is over 5 knots wind especially when the winds are from the northwest. Why take off simultaneously and one aircraft take off from the wrong side of the runway. I don’t believe these trolls.

Either they did not hear the radio, did not check or they just continued anyway

First time I saw this actually

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i had that while landing with air france