Runway Instructions!

As said in many threads the pilot disobeying problem is a huge thing for ATC. But what I’m focusing on is the problem for pilots not to follow instructions to a runway.

  • Even if you have a flight plan or route to a runway at your selected airport, that DOESN’T mean that you don’t follow ATC instructions to turn towards a active runway. Don’t say “unable” just follow the approach/tower instructions.

  • If the runway you chose on your flight plan is active, all means continue inbound, but that doesn’t mean you don’t follow ATC instructions to follow certain traffic or make a 360 left/right.

  • Trust your controller my friends, if it’s Center to approach or departure to tower, you must follow there instructions! The meaning “Go around” clearly means go around, not continue coming in regardless of the ATC.

  • Ground: When on ground my friends make sure to also follow the ground instructions to a runway. If it’s on the complete other side of your gate well suck it up and use 2 minutes of your time and taxi there. Don’t keep repeating that you want to taxi to “this runway” just to get your own way!

Where do you find this problem the most?

  • Ground
  • Tower
  • Approach/Departure/Center

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What’s the point of the poll?

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Which control do you find that pilots don’t follow instructions in the most?

Approach, yet it is the one that is probably the hardest to do and the most important to make everything work well.


Ground an approach
Ground they don’t want to go to the runway you say if it is to far for them.
Approach if they files a flightplan and ask an approach the are asking vectors that means if I sayyou most take heading XXx you most listen but they don’t want

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