Runway Incursion

Just on my takeoff roll out of SBGR tonight in a very heavy A330-900neo. Guy lands on the parallel runway next to me. (Ive already advised on Unicom that I’m taking off) he taxis off his runway. Taxis down the taxiway, enters my runway at 27kts with no signs of slowing down and no use of ATC and causes me to reject my takeoff at over 100kts.

I wish people would be a bit more considerate. And I wish ATC was live then.

Rant over 😂😂😅😅


What server?

Expert! Shocking I know.


wait what!!

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My thoughts exactly lol

Man did that on a expert server did you report him?

Only ATC can report as long as it is worthy. And just because they are on Expert Sever doesn’t mean they know how to be Expert. It just shows dedication to the game.

It is unfortunate, however there is nothing you can do about it.


That’s not entirely true. ATC can report if they are open, yes, but IF Staff, Moderators, and ATC Supervisors can all report as a pilot.

If there’s ever a situation where someone is acting like a fool on the expert server pm @ moderators as it is happening so we can take action.


This is outrageous!

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I was in JFK going to Lisbon on 9/13 on Expert was like LAX 25R on Casual. Sad when there’s no atc

If what’s going on resembles casual server with multiple people, you need to send us a message ASAP. We can’t solve issues that we don’t know are happening 🙂


Definitely will next time :)

Dayum bro, the guy just don’t have time

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Yea people are slackin on the Unicom lately. I was at LHR once and it was me and 3 others out of 12 total planes there that used unicom


il gonna be honest, if i don’t see more than 1 plane at an airport, i don’t really use unicom. I maybe only say that i’m taking off just to notify them that i’m on runway. But at lhr, damn…

If im alone i try and at least use half of the comms. Its good habit practice yano lol

If you’ve ever been IFATC, you know that it’s very hard for us to report people. We hate as much as you do. ATC can report you if they see that you’re not using unicom at airports

Wish I could’ve

Once I land I can send you over part of the replay if you like. I’m looking forward to te watching it 😂

I experienced similar just yesterday
Basically I was in EDDF I told unicom I’m taking off and this 737 just entered my runway without saying he is crossing

The good thing is I was in an A350 and managed to rotate and was about 1ft above him.He also disappeared right after I flew over him.

It was going to be 3am where I live and I have school in 4 hours so I couldn’t restart the whole flight

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