Runway Incursion - Mostly at KLAX

Does everyone or pilot understand that you do not occupy the runway when another plane is landing. You suppose to contact ATC and at least show respect to the plane on final.

Maybe, because I am a woman pilot and a lot of male pilots resent that women pilots taking to the sky, which I believe that respect is important. If a plane is on final and have announce to ATC for landing, another plane that is takeoff should immediately takeoff and not stay on the runway until that land. If you are taxing to the designated runway and you are near the runway to takeoff, it is important to hold short of the runway until the plane on final land and clear the runway. Sometimes, going around at the last minute while on final can be too late; especially if you are flying large aircrafts.

Suggestion: I see a lot of military planes, is it possible to have an emergency button for an F16/F18 to provide assistance to other aircraft. I would like to see more added features for declaring emergencies, which a military plane can assist.

I had an excellent military pilot follow me to my destination, because I declared an emergency for fuel. I love having the military planes in the air, but also there should be ways to communicate with military to help clear the runways of declaring emergencies.

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Welcome to the training server…

See you on Expert soon ;)


Hard work and trying to keep the high standard we will quickly see you join us elite pilots on expert !

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Yep, this seems like it is on Training Server. But dont worry, get enough landings and XP and you’ll be on Expert very soon. :)

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The training server is wildly different to the expert server, and is for people to learn, so they aren’t punished for their actions. The expert server enforces real rules and is far more professional. As for the emergency features these are too open to abuse, although I think there are threads on here to request an escort.
Please me don’t bring gender into this, there is no discrimination happening, it happens to everyone on the training server


I don’t think you being a female has anything to do with inexperienced pilots not following proper procedures…


Hello, thanks for joining the forum and starting a discussion.

On the training server, especially big airports such as KLAX and EGLL, lots of inexperienced and new pilots are present. The best strategies are to a) fly at smaller or different airports or to b) fly on the expert server, reserved for serious players, as soon as you can. Hopefully your experience is not ruined by the lesser education of others.

In regards to your two suggestions, you are more than welcome to make a feature request in the #features category once you reach Trust Level 2. You are currently a new user, but with productive discussion, you can be there in no time (see here).

Please enjoy the rest of your day, and happy landings.


How does anybody know what gender you are ?


Sometimes I just think its little kids that got on someone’s phone and started flying around with no clue. It sucks when you’re on final and someone gets on the runway.

@DannyPR take in this quote real quick…

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