Runway in use

This may be something that is coming but I was wondering IF for the airports that are controlled, could a feature be implemented that allows you to see in IF what runway is in use.

I think this would be a great idea for the airports that are being controlled. So that when you are planning out your fpl, you can plan accordingly.

It can be added in on the runway page when you click on the airport.

All runways are in use, its just the fact that wind direction can change. The runway the controller directs you to, is the runway in use.

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What do you mean my in use? Someone is on the runway?

I think it would be a good idea to see which runway I see being used by ATC for takeoffs and landings (if multiple runways)

The problem is that it is up to the controller. Even if both are green the controller can change it. You can already tell by looking at the traffic pattern and wind direction.


I was thinking like the controllers can have a popout panel that they can choose what runways are in use. With that the map would be updated to that.

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