Runway in Unicom that does not exist

Today I spawned at KVRB and I noticed something strange, that smells like a little bug…

KVRB has the following runways:
11L - 29R
11R - 29L
4 - 22

I spawned at the same time as PR001. We both taxied to 11R
We both reported our taxi to Unicom, but…check out the runway of PR001 in the screenshot below:

What’s interesting is that there is no runway 12R at that airport.
See below again:

I am not able to find PR001 (Erwin Tejano), so I have not been able to check with him whether his Unicom text was reading the correct runway 11R.

I do know that the runway number was updated in August last year, but perhaps something went wrong. See thread below:


He’s got a newer version of the airport as he is running a global alpha build, meaning the updated runway numbers are there too. Oy occurs with alpha testers, shouldn’t be a major issue 👍


I suspected it to be something like that, as I know Erwin is part of the testing team.
Thanks for the response!


Thanks @Insertusernamehere