"Runway in sight" request for foggy days

This is also relying on, for example, AIRPORT minimums instead of pilot’s.

Minimums are decided by the pilot, usually from the charts:



Does a controller use ILS charts? No. The pilot flies the plane, and it is his decision if and when to call off the approach. Controllers only send go arounds if there is an issue on their side (eg separation).


no you have got this wrong.

the controller can send you around anyway if someone else strays on to the runway anyway (although since this is low vis i am not sure how you suggest the contoller sees that for your scenario). a controller cannot make a determination on what minimums you as a pilot operate to and whether you continue or not at your minimums point - the controller does control the airport but they have cleared you to land so beyond that it is up to you as the pilot.


This has been fixed. Reload if not showing up.

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As @IceBlue said, minimums are decided by the pilot not atc, and it is not the atc’s job to state missed approach due to low visbility.

But otherwise, is the feature acurate?

it’s not realistic no, this is not what happens in real life, sorry

Other than that, the feature is accurate :)

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It has been FIXED, changed to pilot triggered

The airport can be closed due to weather. At that point ATC can force aircraft away.

What’s the point in reporting runway in sight now? It dosen’t happen in big airports IRL and there is no point in it in IF. At big airports, this adds to the controllers workload unnecessarily. At quieter ones, it introduces more complexity for a pointless reason.

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Yes, I designed this to allow for this to happen if pilots are nearly always having to make a go around.

You still haven’t answered, what is the point? What benefit would this give the controller?

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To allow for people not to go flying off the runway and land in the grass. It also can make sure weather is still ok for landings.

visual approaches don’t work like this. yes when a visual approach is given the controller will ask to report sight of the field before clearing the pilots on to the visual approach, but this happens when the aircraft is maybe 2-3000ft off the ground at least and several miles out, it has nothing to do with minimums.

that’s what the pilots are for! the controller isn’t flying the plane

Well then, I do not want a plane to make 10 go arounds, I would rather have the controller realize that the airfield is too cloudy

Well ****. This isnt really realistic. Forget, peopel can add it if thry want to for whatever rrason.

You are coming full circle now. Pilots are able to decide whether it is safe to land or whether to fly a MA. If the weather changes it is still their decision, and in the real world the only reason controllers ask for runway in sight is to inform other pilots when to expect runway in sight. In IF, this is not necessary because weather info is 2 clicks away.

Jeez, it’s like some of you are standing at the end of the Grand Canyon. No need to repeat someone, he can read the first post. Maybe he misunderstood this, but lets not get repetitive. He has the right idea, and if its tweaked and put in the game properly, it would make a great addition to IF. Please stop putting people down, and listen to their ideas, suggest tweaks and produce new ideas as to how this would work to its fullest potential. This isn’t a competition.


Please have a look over this as you’ve done it twice already

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