Runway Idling Ghosting Warning

This is what I’m asking. 🙃

I’ve tried reading lots of stuff and found in most topics about this that you can only get a ghosting/violation is if you were on the runway for 1 minute… I am not sure if this helps but I cannot help you otherwise!

Sorry if it doesn’t help!

I saw that too, but Schyllberg never replied with the times.

He’s a busy man, so I understand. No worries :)

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And I had answered that by making it clear that you’d have to try to get ghosted or leave your device running and walk away.

In the future, I won’t use metaphor. Apologies.

I’ve seen the minute marker too, I’m just not sure if that’s relevant anymore. The post I linked above was from quite a while ago.

No worries at all, Tim! It was my fault for lining up too early. It just made me curious about how long one would have to be on the runway before they get ghosted, so I can avoid it in the future.

I didn’t get ghosted or get a violation, so luckily I’m not asking for one of those to be reversed. 😉

It’s fine (your original last message was a tad more snarky before the self censoring process 😏). I don’t know if the exact time is public knowledge, but you have plenty, I assure you.

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I guess just check the replay then! Maybe it will give some information to you as to how long you were on the runway and then just ask a moderator.

Maybe it is just a glitch with the system (most likely not though) and for this 1-minute warning and it was set maybe accidentally to be a “Ghost” thing instead of just a violation.

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I know, I’m sorry. 😞

Seems like I had more before 19.1… But thank you! I definitely have enough but I’m still just curious. :)

I think that’s what I’m resorting to at this point!

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Okay, i was just testing and rewatched my replay.

It seems to be around 40 secs until you get the warning. Then you get ghosted 40 seconds after that. So roughly 1 minute 20 seconds.

Is this what you were asking?


Yeah, so it seems to have been tweaked since the last info I had, so maybe no naps ;)

But you still have plenty of time, as long as you’re not just chilling.


Challenge accepted!

40+40 secs sounds very reasonable to me.

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So now this is not something that is just a violation, but a ghost instead? Or has it always been a ghost?

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It has always been a ghost. But due to various issues with the system earlier, it’s been deactivated for some time.

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Oh ok! Thanks for the answer! I always thought it was just a violation.

Global Flyer1

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You’d be tying up the runway, with the presumption that you’ve vacated the flight, so the runway needs to be freed up.

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I got the same warning yesterday for the first time. I started a flight in Scottsdale (SDL) which currently has no option but to start on runway. While punching in flight plan, setting flaps, etc, got the warning. I just took off immediately and filed fpl in the air. 😅

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Yes! Thanks for the answer.

Can be closed now. Thanks for looking into this! 40+40 is definitely reasonable.

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