Runway Idling Ghosting Warning

Howdy all!

As I was flying tonight, I received a ghosting warning for idling on the runway. I was just lined up and waiting. The fancy new alert system notified me that if I didn’t takeoff or get off of the runway somehow immediately, I’d get ghosted. Naturally, I high-tailed it off of the runway, and then took off.

I was at LFPG, using Unicom. I’ve never once received this warning before. As I was looking for duplicates of my topic, I found this:

Is this still up to date? I don’t think it is, but just wanted to check, because I don’t even think I was on the runway for 60 seconds, and it threatened me with a _
ghost, not a violation. Honestly, it didn’t feel like I was on the runway for a whole minute at all. I was the only one, apart from an aircraft that was holding short a bit farther down the runway. Wasn’t impacting any traffic at all.

Obviously, the answer to this is to not idle on the runway for so long, but what is the time before one would get ghosted for this?



As it says, the violation will still be in effect when no ATC is present. Since you were in Paris with no ATC, the violation is enforced.

Hope this helps :)

It wasn’t a violation. The system threatened me with a ghosting. I don’t even think I was on the runway for 60 seconds anyway.


Can you screenshot it?

Oh, my bad. Do you have any screenshots?

You can check replay to see how long you were on the runway as well

Unfortunately, I don’t have any screenshots. I was more focused on getting the [insert appropriate word here] off of the runway.


Hey! That’s smart! 😉

Too bad I’ll be flying for the next 12ish hours.

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Well you can always check when you land! The power of replay


I honestly didn’t even think about that. Thanks for bringing that up!

Unless I get a answer to how long it takes before my flight is over, I’ll probably just check the replay when I’m done.

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Yeah it’ll take me a little bit to remember that I have replay. Enjoy your flight!

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Thanks Brad 😉

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Your welcome!

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Sorry to here about that man, unfortunately the violation will still be in effect when no ATC is present. Even though you were in Paris the violation will stay. Sorry :(
All the best,

Luke :)

I never got a violation.

I got a warning that I would be ghosted.

I just want to know how long it’s would take for one to get ghosted. That’s really all I’m asking here.

I never got a violation, just a warning that I would be ghosted.

Reading the post correctly is key. 😉

I’m not sure what I can actually say here, except that you have plenty of time to throttle up and takeoff without even beginning to worry about it. Realistically, there’s no reason you should ever receive a runway idle ghost without falling asleep.

This post doesn’t seem to be going anywhere because I’m getting no answers to my question.

No disrespect to anyone. I understand you’re all only trying to help. The point is just being missed. 🙃

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The only thing that hasn’t been answered is why a ghost not a violation.

Because if it ever got to the point where you were actually ghosted you would have been sitting on the runway for a ludicrous amount of time, and no one else can use the runway.

What else hasn’t been answered?

@MrMrMan Here’s something I found Similar:

'Ghost' (system ghost) after following ATC instructions