Runway Idle Warning on Landing

Today I bring you yet another little something that I have noticed a little more frequently than usual. This is probably the 3rd or 4th time that this has occurred to me, and I was able to catch a screenshot this time. As an avid player of Infinite Flight, I know where the warnings fall into place and when they are triggered. However, this one is different. Last night, I decided to hit the pattern at KOKB in SoCal on the Expert server. I was in the pattern for about 10 minutes when this message decided to show up.

In the past, I have noticed this message when I am in the pattern. I have never gotten the message when inbound from another airport. Luckily, the message times out after about 8 seconds or so. I haven’t gotten any violations with this message occurring. But as you can clearly see, I am no where near idle on the runway. 😂 Not sure if this has been brought to attention yet, but here ya have it. 😉

Device Info
-iPad Mini 4, iOS 10.3.1
-Latest IF Version


Hello @DeerCrusher and thank you for posting the issue in Support!

The error message you provided is displayed if you sit motionless (idle) for an extended amount of time while flying on Live. The purpose of this message is to prohibit pilots from just sitting still on the runway to avoid causing delays, go arounds, or interfere with traffic. If one continues to sit idle, they will receive violations as well as a system ghost.

I know your screenshot shows that you are not idle but if you sat on the runway before starting your takeoff roll, then that is why you received the message at the top of your screen. If the problem continues, try closing out the app and device completely and then restart. If still continues after that, try uninstalling the app altogether, and then reinstall. This should fix any issue you are experiencing with the idle message, but if doesn’t, feel free to send me a private message with screenshots.

Thank you