Runway Idle Violation?

I was on a Runway and stopped a while for setting up my Flight Plan. Then the server said “Avoid Runway Iddle”. Is This only a Bug or devs already added this Feature? Thanks

It’s a feature - you should be set up for takeoff upon entering the runway. You never sit on a runway unless instructed to ‘line up & wait’ by tower.

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So if I was keep idle on the Runway I would get a Violation?

Yep. Maybe not in free flight server, but you get a violation on playground and advanced as far as I know.

Not sure if someone else can clarify, as I’ve never sat idle on a runway, so I haven’t received a violation to test.

Regardless of IF violations, if you want your experience to be realistic, you shouldn’t be doing it. Set up your flight plan and have your aircraft set prior to taxi

Ok Thanks For Your Suggestion

Apparently runway violations was disabled on the advanced server but I still got one a few weeks ago. I was sitting on the runway for about a minute after being told to line up and wait


I almost got the Violation only because sitting and remains idle on the Runway 😉

Yes it does exist I e gotten it about 2 times as far as I remeber

I have experienced this during one of my first flights in Live (november 2014…) when we have only Unicom for ATC…
So 2 aircrafts keeps on runway (unknow want take off) and i try to make it to move with me entering the runway, but after one minute, i get a violation reported and after a second i was disconnected… ^^

Another day (i think last week) i wait for take off clearance (after a “Line up & wait”) and i get a violation :)

But… i love this game! Please add Switzerland Region its my country!

(sorry if my English was wrong… I speak french…)

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Wow. I never got a Violation for Runway Idle but I always got Runway Idle Warning… I Just stayed on the runway for 30 sec for Pushback and then The Server said “Runway Idle Detected”

i just got that now dont know if warning or violation

You could’ve just made another topic rather than necropost.

If it’s a warning, it will be in orange. If it’s a violation it will be in red and it will potentially affect your grade. That info can be seen by tapping on your name in the upper-right corner of the main menu for live and then tapping the information sign beside your grade.

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To make clear, are there still idle runway violations?

I throttle up and keep moving the camera and the heading so the game thinks I’m taking off. I move the rudder also.

Yes, on uncontrolled aerodomes I believe. I line up at wait on training server and this aircraft that landed was on the runway at 15kts and decided to utilise the farthest exit on the runway,

The warning appeared so before the violation kicks in, i throttle to roll on the runway and exit if required, but i managed to depart.

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