Runway Idle Violation CTAF While Plane Crossing

Hello all,
I just encountered a problem where I was lined up on a runway waiting for an aircraft to cross. I received the idle warning so I trusted the engines and travelled a few meters down the runway. However, I noticed the violation wasn’t going away so because I wasn’t able to take off I have to quit the flight. Surely I missed something, surely it’s not that easy to get a violation these days.

To add reference, it was really busy (EHAM), controllers were constantly in and out. The previous pilot annoyed their take-off while someone was waiting (I believe to cross). They departed so I lined up and let the aircraft cross and this is the result.

I’m assuming that there was not a tower frequency open at that time. The best solution is to just not enter the runway until the runway is clear and you are ready to depart. That violation is an important measure to prevent people from blocking the runways and not allowing other takeoffs or landings. When you announce your departure to Unicom, other pilots should hold short and not cross. I cannot speak for everyone though. However, the violation that you would receive for staying on the runway is only a Level 1 violation. It should not block your access to the expert server or affect anything majorly. I understand the unfortunate circumstances, though.


As @Marina said. When UNICOM is in use, holding short is a better option

Hence the no Line up and wait command in the UNICOM


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