Runway hold short lines

The image above shows the area where you would enter rw 25C when departing EDDF. Note that there are two sets of hold short lines on each of the taxiways leading to the runway.

The ones furthest away from the runway are only in use while ILS cat 2/3 operations are in progress. As far as I know this is not supported by IF, so these can be crossed without ATC permission. The ones closest to the runway is where you should stop until given permission to enter the runway.

I’ve noticed that pilots tend to stop at the ILS markings, and I’ve twice been given “hold position” instructions after crossing them. No harm done, but not strictly correct either.

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You cannot cross an active runway without Ground/Tower ATC clearance. Period.

Edit : Ahh I see what you mean, now. Yes you are indeed correct. Usually an aircraft can taxi all the way to the closest most hold short line without actually entering the runway. It is strange that the controller told you to hold position. Maybe there was another aircraft in front of you or on the adjacent taxiway, and maybe there was a chance of a collision which is why (for separation) you were told to hold further away.

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Unfortunately i dont think you read the explanation of what he was talking about…

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I think it’s fine wherever the aircraft holds short regardless of conditions. However, for the ATC side, i’m personally going by whatever the hold short is closest to the runway as my “mark” for where i dont let an aircraft continue from.

So for this example, maybe if you were told such it’d be good to get in touch with that ATC so that you could communicate about why you may have been told to hold short?

I believe you are correct. I’m no expert though. Since there’s no ILS Cat 2/3, then you would proceed to the normal hold short line. IFATC, correct me if I’m wrong.

that’s not what he said. he’s saying that the orange double lines with lines in between (like a ladder) aren’t hold short lines in IF because they’re only used in real life when ILS cat II/III are in use, but since in IF we don’t have cat I/II/III simulated it’s not a problem to cross these lines, only that we need to hold short of the actual hold short lines. Period.

lol, i see you’ve edited your reply… never mind

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