Runway gradients in global

Will global airports have runway gradients, such as Courchevel in France has a steep runway? Or will they just all be flat, like they are now?

This would make IF a lot more realistic.

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I hope they do, this would make flying into Lukla very interesting. In FSX some airports don’t have them because AI doesn’t work on runways with gradients.


X-Plane 10 manages with ai’s. 😕

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Hey theres a topic for that, I think its called sloped runways. I dont think IF supports sloped runways, at least you cant rework the airports and make them sloped. However I hope that the Devs make special airports with sloped runways, like Courchevel or Lukla or make the airport of Madeira like it is in real life.

As of now, our airport editing software does not support curved/sloped runways.


That’s a pity. I thought X-Plane 10 world editor did? :/

So you’re literally saying that the ground should be like uneven?

Yes, basically.

There have been other topics regarding uneven runways.