Runway glitch

Just landed in Shannon and the front landing gear just falls through the runway like a glitch… any idea if this can be fixed?

It is because you don’t flare when landing.


What was your descent rate right before touchdown? If it was going to look like a smooth landing, then


The landing wasn’t the issue, the front half of the aircraft fell through the terrain.

In that case the landing is the issue.

It is most likely that you touched down too hard, collapsing the front gear.

An ICAO typically helps.

Just the front gear? You landed too hard causing the gear to collapse. If you can consistantly reproduce this get us a video.


You need to flare the throttle, otherwise you’ll quite literally plant the gear 😂 like a Ryanair landing. You’ll feel it! When you here the 20ft call out FLARE

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Hmm yes, land nose down and you either crash or in this case, the gear goes through the ground

MaxSez: There’s more to a Landing than a “Flair”! When you include a “Round Out” in your landing technique you’ll never have a Nose Wheel mishap Pilot Error. Fly with your brain not muscle memory, proper technique and you’ll never Dump your nose Peanuts…

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I’ve had something similar happen to me before at Aspen whilst taking off…did your internet cut out at all during your flight?