Runway glitch at Manchester EGCC

I was taking off live at Manchester and fell though the ground on the runway.So I tried again on solo and it’s doing the same thing. Can someone help?

Reinstall the app. The terrain files are corrupted. It happens from time to time…

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This happens a lot. Restart the app :)

Download and reinstall as @Captain_Zen said, but this may be caused by the runway height not being aligned with the normal height of the airport in IF.

That would just make it look higher. No…? (Like on a hill)
I think it’s corrupted files

Maybe, but usually for me, the taxiway is higher than the runway.

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this is the one I call the ts1 hard fail or when there’s 8 aircraft on the runway breaks the game reload or power up and pull up that works to.

Ok thanks I will have a look

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It’s fixed now thanks for your help guys