Runway gives taxi speed warning?!?

I was in an event in Chicago, and runway 04L gave me a taxi speed warning and violation.

If you go off the rwy or maybe on the blast pad.

No I was aligned I was on the white line

@Full_flight I’ve done some short field landings (flare just prior to the threshold and try to touchdown right at the beginning of the runway) and gotten the same warning. Just aim to touch down a little farther down the runway and you won’t receive that warning.

Pay attention to your ground speed.

It’s weird sometimes. Probably just because the game thought you were taxiiing off the runway, and registered as a taxi.

I was landing

Are you sure you didn’t land on the taxi way?

Lol no I didn’t

The pavement just forward of the threshold on 24R and 24L at KLAX is taxiway so touching down short would give the warning. I’ll have to test it at other fields though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯