Runway & Flight Weather in IF: a question about the unseen!

Hi, first of all apologies if I’m on the wrong thread here. I have a question that I’ve done searching throughout the forum but just couldn’t find the answer.

We know how IF pulls data from real world weather, we know that we don’t have graphics for them yet, i.e. thunderstorms and heavy rain.

But if there’s heavy rain in an airport somewhere in the world, does the runway on that airport in IF becomes slippery when we land? Also, if theres extreme cold, would it affect take-off performance in IF as well? I might not yet be able to tell the differences.

I’ve seen in a popular video where the captain ordered to switch off A/P only when minimums are called and instructed his f.o. to slam a bit hard against the runway (as opposed to grease the landing) during very heavy rain landing at WIII, to avoid slipping. Just thought if I could possibly replicate that justifly-ably in IF?

Thanks in advance for any infos, happy flying! :)

Rain and precipitation doesn’t affect IF. The temperature does seem to affect planes on IF based on tests community members have done.

Pretty much what @The_Geniusman said.

The weather doesn’t affect the planes (besides wind).

I recommend you to vote for this feature request:

We have a feature request for that, try to find it instead of duplicating it.

Thanks! Heading there now :)

Yeah, just been, quite awhile ago, isn’t it? Airport editors were talking about “runway roughness” value input when airport editing, but I think no one knows (or explained) what’s that for exactly.

Wind does affect plane, but there are may change to visibility like fog.

Temperature do affect in fog, and it’s hard to explain it.

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