Runway fixes

On some runways, there are fixes with the name RXXXX at one end. However, IRL, i dont see them. What are these waypoints and what are they used for?

No they are not NDB´s, he´s refering to the fixes at the beggining/end of some runways. For example at RJTT on rwy 34L you have the fix R1720. I suppose they are there for making easier the approach for planes which do not have approach mode, so you can keep the NAV activated until the very end and just control the alt.
Hope this helps @pilot0674

He’s not talking about NDBs.

These waypoints at the runway ends is what he’s referring to.


thanks! this helps.

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While they don’t exist in the (RW) Waypoint database, per se, the GPS coordinates are known, and EFBs such as ForeFlight will put them in as part of the Approach procedure.


I don’t know if a pilot would bother putting these into the aircraft’s computer, since they’d just be on the localizer and glidescope, it’s not necessarily unrealistic to be able to plan for that spot, given that the GPS location is known, much the way the GPS waypoints which scatter the globe aren’t the typical waypoints (e.g. 60N100W).

(Note: Yes, I know arrivals go to 26R…I just picked a runway; which one doesn’t affect the overall point. I’m sure someone would feel the need to mention “IRL…”)

I use the runway fixes anyway. Im using them right now on my flight

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