Runway etiquette

Im really getting so tired of pilots insisting they take off on a closed red runway so they dont have to sit in traffic waiting to take off.Ive been working towers and very busy ones for about three straight months now and it just gets worse,no one listens or cares when you tell them to exit the runway.I thought there was a sentance in the tower messages that would let me say that the runway is closed so they at least have no excuse why they arent following instructions but I dont see any sentance like that.Does anyone have any suggestions because its very frustrating?


Join the IFATC team!


That’s the playground training server for ya.


Well, technically, a runway that is red does not mean that it is closed, it just means that it is not the ideal runway to use in the current weather/wind conditions. The runways are (most of the time) perfectly capable to be used.
However, that doesn’t change the problem of pilots not following your instructions. I will say that you are not the only Training Server controller dealing with this problem, but unfortunately that is how the Training Server is treated by most pilots, and there’s not much we can do about it. 😕


I would love to join the team,im doing this up to three times a day,I absoloutly love this simulator.

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Check out this topic linked below and ensure you meet the requirements listed. Then, PM a recruiter such as @anon66442947 to get started with your IFATC career.


I was previously under the impression that red runways were restricted, but like @Tristin_Woolf pointed out that’s not the actual case. On training server, to the best of my knowledge all you can really do is keep instructing them to taxi to the runway that you have active. Definitely consider the IFATC process. The pilots on expert server are extremely professional.


If there are taxi ways on either sides of the runway like KSAN has, I tell them to cross the red runway when it’s clear and then immediately follow up with a hold short of green runway instruction to make them hold short on the taxiway which is on the other side of the runway.

Don’t know if it’s realistic or correct but at least it works sometimes to prevent pilots from taking off without clearance.

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Yes,thats exactly what im going to do because I also takes this serious,it makes for a more enjoyable experience.

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I hear you but a lot of them just do what they please anyway,lol,I had a few last night that didnt even contact me in the tower,they just went up and took off.

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MaxSez: “Nothing that can be done about it”! BS I say! See the Tooic “Return to Parking”. So some dippy uneducated Controller in training abuses a few… Its better to punish a few than be faced with continual mass punishment. This free access to the Traing Server need a lock on it, a basic competency test which provides a pin or a password. Next.


This is just frustrating,it was awful tonight,only a handful listened to my tower directions at Los Angeles airport,after an hour I couldnt take it anymore and you guys are right,it was mostly level 1 and 2 pilots who I think just dont care.When im aloud im taking the test,lol.

Feel free to PM me any time, if I can log on I will gladly pilot your airspace if you want some ATC practice. I feel your frustration but it’s best to give the benefit of the doubt. I especially had no idea what I was doing when I first got here, but I did care about getting better.

Great,thanks very much.

You deserve a medal for lasting an hour at KLAX on TS1.

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That’s one of the reason I don’t fly in SoCal on the TS. Full of “peanuts” which ruins your experience of either flying or controlling in that region, which is a shame as I think it is the best region with everything from deserts, mountains, coast and islands!

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Whether it’s just “not ideal” or “closed” is irrelevant.

If they just don’t want to taxi, it’s not an excuse to concede to them and make all the people waiting at the other end step aside, nor is it appropriate for them to take off into the face of any inbounds.

But, as mentioned, TS1 is what it is. They treat it as if it were solo. Unfortunately, there’s no recourse. As mentioned, work toward controlling on the Expert server, where there’s recourse and incentive not to be a jerk.

IRL, a pilot would never just tell beat it. I.don’t get, even on TS1, why they want to fly with ATC, but not listen. Just fly solo.

I’m going to do exactly that, I tried controlling on reasonably quiet airfields over the last couple of days but the sheer lack of courtesy was enough to make me quit after less than an hour. I enjoy the challenge of controlling but only if people actually try and behave themselves.

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In fact my thread from last year still stands as a fair reflection of my experience this morning!