Runway Entrance Lines at KDEN

Hello everyone. Today, I am going to fly from Denver (KDEN) to Atlanta (KATL). I have seen runway entrance markers on the taxiway, but you aren’t entering a runway. What’re these and should you stop before them?


These lines imply that a pilot needs clearance before passing the point. The line is double-layered, correct?

The side of the line with the dotted line means that pilots coming from that side and passing over do NOT need clearance before crossing the line. The other side (solid line) means that the pilot needs clearance before crossing the line.

You can find these taxiway markings at many airports, generally surrounding the apron area ensuring that aircraft entering the gate area can enter with ease, and that aircraft taxiing away don’t do so without permission.

Credit: Midwest Flyer

You can read more about taxiway markings here:

Usually those kind of holds are a way to mark that you’re entering the approach path of another plane on a runway.
If there are no planes on final it’s most likely more than fine to keep yourself rolling on the taxiway.


Yes. The markers look like that. The thing that confused me is that they aren’t there for a runway entrance, they’re just in the middle of the taxiway. For clearance, what should I tell ATC? I can’t ask for clearance to enter the runway since I’m not entering a runway.

If you have already recieved taxi clearance, feel free to pass through if it doesn’t lead directly to an active runway.

That makes sense, but the runways that are closer to that marker is in the opposite direction if that makes sense. So it wouldn’t be like you’d be in the way of an approaching aircraft

Okay. Will do! Thanks!

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