Runway entrance KSAN 27, takeoff

I’ve seen this issue on many runways, but most commonly here at KSAN 27. I’ve always thought the end of the runway was proper, but some users go the the marked landing point and others access the runway even earlier. What is proper?


Going all the way down is the proper way. The black space before the actual runway is a displaced threshold. You can take off from there but not land there. I hope this helps.


100% correct. Smaller aircraft can technically take off from a point that offers them adequate runway rather than the entire thing. The stand alone proper operation is to use the displaced threshold as a run up for take off.


I’ve actually tested the heavy aircraft with about 70% weight, and all of them could takeoff from the marked threshold.

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A Cessna doesn’t need the whole runway.
But if an A380 requests an intersec dep
because 5 planes are waiting before him and he wants to skip the line with an intersec dep, I get angry.

  1. He’s holding up the line and 2. he still will depart as number 5 in sequence no matter what when I control. Just taxi to the end and make it easier for everyone.

Jet have priority over general aviation.

IRL intersection take offs are very much allowed. It needs to be reported in your flight plan/briefing that the correct calculations have been done to ensure a safe take off, but it is allowed none the less. I spent 2 hours at YMML recently and the amount of commercial airliners taking off from intersections was endless.
In IF the safest option is to just taxi to the end. For ease of control and respect to others.


I prefer intersection takeoffs.

Most aircraft should taxi all the way to the end, since it’s a shorter runway. Especially heavies.

If there are multiple hold short points you should utilize them as long as you’re sure you will be able to take off in the allotted space. There’s no reason to clog up the taxiway.

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If you can all get in line and taxi to end, it makes it easier for the controller. If one plane taxis to end, one to intersection #3, one to intersection #1 and one to intersection #2, it just adds workload to try to watch and make sure you depart in the right sequence.


why cant you land their is it because it can’t carry the weight?

You depart when given clearance.

I’ll use the intersections as that’s what they are there for.

I don’t mind as long as you wait to request departure after people at all the other intersections that were ready before you.

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I trust ATC to be able to handle it. I’ll request when I’m holding short.

I think it relates to the height of buildings around the runway, as landing near the start of the displaced threshold would mean being very close to surrounding buildings.

It’s because that area isn’t as strong and there are tall buildings in the approach path.

yeah ok thats what I thought thanks for telling me

Cite your source on that remark

Common sense.

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