Runway drifting

Whenever I I’m taking off just before I rotate the plane always tilts to one side and drifts and makes my takeoff very bad, anyone know how to prevent this ?

Check winds direction…
This may tilts your aircraft to the side, I recommend you to apply rudder!

What plane are you using?

That is because of the crosswind.
A suggestion that I would give is check the winds’ direction and apply rudder deflection so your aircraft keeps mostly on the centre line before lifting off the ground.

I’ll screen record it and show you

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Please use the Rudder before rotating to stabilize your aircraft! 👍

I understand what you mean. I experience this in almost every takeoff… show us a video of a takeoff where wind is 0 mph, and see now if it happens.

I do try that but it barley works

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What are you meant to do if the wind is not 0 mph tho

Record a video with show touches on so we can see what you are doing

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It won’t let me send the vid

Post it onto YouTube unlisted and link it here

It’s fine I think I’ve sorted it

Would you like me to record a video just in case if it will help?

No, others are saying that when there’s a crosswind, use the rudder for stability. But to prove that the wind isn’t the problem, set it to 0 mph and see now if it happens.

By “it” I mean the drifting

Yes plz mate


Here you go.

One thing to know is if the wind is coming from the right, think about how that will affect you, base all winds upon the fact it will push on your tail, if it’s coming from the right then you need to use left rudder to counteract this. Now don’t use it immediately, use it to maintain centreline up to 80 knots or so then just hold it and if you start drifting while rotating then adjust it slowly. Likewise if the wind comes from the left that will push on the back of your aircraft and also take you to the left so right rudder is then needed.


Amazing, as @Chatta290 showed above in the YT video, apply the rudder and that’s it, practice, practice and practice…


Wow, that acually even helped me! Thank you so much @Chatta290!

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