Runway disappeared

I was inbound for Sao Paolo this morning. Everything seemed normal, but seconds before touchdown half of the runway disappeared… What happened there?

Hey! Have you tried to restart your device or infinite flight?


I think clearing your scenery cache would help this cause.

Go to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache

Yeah, I restarted IF and in the replay everything was normal… But I am still wondering why that happened, especially because seconds before I was abled to see the whole runway

The provided tips above should help you resolve this issue however, please note that this can occur if your internet connection was weak at the time and can be a result of insufficient device storage available. You might have to free up some space from your storage if it occurs often.

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I am playing on a new device, having almost 100 GB free storage… That shouldn´t be the problem

Have you tried what MJP said? Try clearing your scenery cache :)

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