Runway directional glitchiness

I’ve been noticing some inconsistencies with WX data and how it relates to runway direction guidance by color. For example, I took off at KLAX just now, and on the FPL map, all runways were green. I built my flight plan based on that, but once I entered the Coms menu to announce taxi, RWYS 24/25 were now red due to a 5kt tail wind.

I changed my flight plan and took off from RWY7, with a proper 5kt headwind, but once airborne I heard a bunch of incoming traffic call inbound for 24/25. I assume it’s because they looked on their FPL maps and saw green all around, and since they were approaching from the East, that made for straight-in arrivals.

My question is why does it seem that the Coms menu differs from what is shown on the map? I think if this were more consistent, you’d see more consistent/realistic, and organized traffic at uncontrolled airports. I’ve been noticing a lot of conflicting traffic as a result of these inconsistencies, it feels like it’s happening more regularly. Do others share my experience?

iPad (10th generation), iPad 10.9-inch:
iPadOS 17.4.1:

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This is known and I don’t think it’s an issue. It just takes some time to update the airport’s METARs. I’d recommend just looking at the wind on the METAR and picking the runway based on that, instead of going based on the color indicators. Most of the time the ATC menu will be more accurate than looking at the runway colors on the map, but still, it’s best to go based on the METAR wind.


I wonder why the Map data can’t just mirror the ATC data? Shouldn’t they be pulling from the same METAR info? I guess it just makes runway operations messy especially at busy uncontrolled airports.

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