Runway Differences - 20.1

Why are some runways like this, where they are just a line,

While other are like this, where there is an outline & markings?

I have no problem with it, I was just curious…

(Edit): There are also these ones, where the actual runway is outlined in a bold white line…

I think u may need to zoom in, but maybe that is just me. IDK, but maybe the devs might have missed these lesser airports

I’m not entirely sure, but I think it might have something to do with airport editing team having not updated that particular Airport yet. Could be wrong


I think because the first one is purple and uncontrolled?


That may be true, but I don’t know why the runway would be different though…

They may just not focus on uncontrolled airports.

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That’s because Ken Jernstadt Field has not been updated. I reworked Troutdale so it’s more detailed.

Edit: Since I’m working on Oregon airports I’ll try to get 4S2 done soon.


@Claudio was close to the solution.
The upper on’s runways has no markings, therefore only the center(line) is shown.
Where 4S2 has runway markings called “US unprecision” including edge lines and touchdown zone.
It has nothing to do with controlled or uncontrolled, and it hasn’t to do with edited unedited.

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