Runway crossing

So I landed from OMDB in a sky cargo plane and for Emirates on 09L and was taxing to the cargo gates and as soon as I got to 09R getting ready to cross. I requested to cross and got to check atc guide then I requested to cross again and got no more responses

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I think the tower controller has instructed you to cross runway while he/she assigned a exit runway command, or he/she instructed you to cross runway before.


Hey @Jshhh!

Sorry to hear your having a problem. It’s best if you contact your controller via pm to get a definite answer as to why you were told to check the user guide when you requested a runway crossing.

I have know idea I asked to taxi to parking in the beginning then proceeded to hold short of 09R then requested I got the replay

Do you have the name of your controller?

If I do understand, when you left the landing runway and contacted ground, you asked a “taxi to parking” then permission to cross runway, and no response from ATC? On training or expert server?

Its only in expert where you would hear the “Please check the user guide” message
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Could be the case, although we prefer to use “You were already cleared to cross” however PCUG can be used in this situation as well.

It’s possible the runway crossing command was included in the runway exit command, therefore you would’ve been cleared to cross the runway already

What was the active runway at time of requesting runway crossing?

What @GDS111006 said should clear it up, if not please go in your replay and get the name of the controller and u could send him a pm to clear up everything

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