Runway Crossing

I was on the ground at Copenhagen and I was told to check the forms for assistance using ATC instructions. I had requested a runway crossing on ground told to look at ATC forms then told to contact tower Should I have requested a frequency change or a runway crossing


I’m so glad you’re hoping to learn. Can you provide me with the name of the controller?

I can give you their contact info so you can discuss in a PM.

This is so we can avoid providing you with the wrong information.


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Yeah I would be happy to, how would i check the active controller at the time?


Do you remember their display name?

If not, at what time (Zulu) did this happen?

No I was at the end of rwy12 and had requested 30 which was the active end at the time I was there

We need to know more to answer your question.

We’re you taxiing to your runway, or to parking.

Did you just land? If so were you told to exit runway and cross?

Alternatively, ask the controller himself

Sorry I dont remember the display name. The time was 1628z

I’ll check who was active at the time for you.

I believe your tower controller at the time was @Mr.Davi.

Your ground controller was @Airbus_737.

You can send either of them a message and they’d be glad to explain.


Thank you! Ill send them a dm to ask.

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Just to jump in here quickly, I love how you’re really taking the time to understand your mistake! As controllers, we absolutely love when people reach out to talk to us regarding warnings they were given. The fact that you’re taking the time to draw out taxi diagrams and staying patient and kind is a good sign. Good job!


Thank you! And controllers like yourself do your part in making this community great aswell. Thank you for all your hard work


@tominski. MaxSez: Rather than waiting for advice and delay in future use @reports to make inquires regarding ATC mis-communitiations, What particular guidance like “Read Tut’s means ect…
Max .


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He wasn’t reported and only has a question. @reports is for people who have been reported and would like a reverse, the first step is to always contact the controller.

@Sashaz55… 🔥Arrow… MaxSez: Everyone has an opinion! Mine differs.
Why wait for a correct answer… @reports is multipurpose as I read it, a Controller sent an ambiguous msg to a pilot., This Topic had 15+ unnecessary comments. When and if IFATC are required to post an active PM address for inquiry and the Controller Comm menu is more specific this issue will remain convoluted.


Situation is being resolved via PM. No more need to speculate about what he did 🙂

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Reports is just for reports. It’s in the name!😉


Thanks all!