Runway Crossing?

Hi all I was at RPLL the other day. I was Taxiing to R24 and during the taxi I had to “cross” Runway 31. The ATC told me to cross the runway but I was wondering because I wasn’t on the actual runway. My question is do you still ask for permission to cross the runway if your not actually crossing the runway but crossing over the end of a runway. I’ve left a picture below


Well yes you have to ask for permission because 1, there’s a hold short line for a reason and 2, that runway crossing section could still be in the path of arriving aircraft


Indeed. That is a hold short line. You never cross those without clearance. :)


Thanks guys this topic can be closed

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Yes you need clearance. I just learnt this yesterday at that exact intersection 😂
I’ve heard ‘Cross 31 approach’ in atc videos before so I wasn’t sure this was a thing in IF, but then I got an atc warning. Was able to stop in time so nothing happened.

Regardless of the airport, a hold short is a hold short in every circumstance. There’s a taxiway behind 26L at EGKK which is separated by grass from the runway, but it has a hold short because planes will be at minimums when overflying it. Just because it’s not on the runway doesn’t mean that that space is not of concern to aircraft on final.


I will note that there is a new end-around at ATL that IF controllers still want me to hold short of. Note: there are no hold short markings.

The Victor loop isn’t new, but I do wish more pilots would use it.

If he says “(your call sign) cross runway 31” then no you don’t need to ask for permission has he already gave you clearance. If he does NOT say “(your call sign) cross runway 31” then you do need a specific clearance for that runway.

I’ve sat #3 at RPLL in real life and I can confirm to you that is technically part of the runway. Some aircraft start takeoff roll on there

When I was controlling RPLL ground, some people crossed without permission and some requested permission but I didn’t ghost as it is confusing to some people


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