Runway Crossing/Openings Vs. Closures

I’ve tried searching for the answer to this question on the forum and online but to no avail so I thought I’d ask the community:

I’ll give a scenario: if I’m at KLGA and I request to cross runway 22 (which is open), why does the tower reply “cross runway 4” (which is closed) at the opposite heading? How is it determined? I thought it’d be by runway closure but it seems that the tower is going by which runway I’m closest to. Thanks.

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The ATC should respond with the end of the runway that is active. I’m assuming this was on TS, so the ATC is probably still learning. You can fly on expert for a better experience :)


And ‘active’ here means ‘the runway that is in use’, which is not necessarily the part of the runway that is ‘green’. These colours only say something about the wind direction. It does happen frequently that the red runway is the active one.

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Ahhhhhh! Thanks. This clears it up for me!

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