Runway crossing confusion

I was just doing ATC grd and twr at KDCA with the current winds using runway 01 for take off…runway 04 is red and runway 22 is yellow, should I ask my pilots to cross runway 04 or 22 to get to the hold short line for 01?..also what does trsa mean in the weather report?


Im not a Professional ATC member but I would say the active one → runway 22.

Which airport are you at?


@Marsiana7 I think you’re right. But the pilots kept asking to cross 04 even tho I asked them to cross 22

Was at kdca the weather is bad there today

Well I wouldn’t bother that much with it especially on training or casual. Most people do what they want on these servers.

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Always tell them to cross the active „end“ :)
No matter its color, or the current position of the pilot


True just have to work around it. Just making sure I’m doing the right thing as the controller

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Gotcha thanks @Julius97 I second guessed myself 🤣

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Thanks to all for the help can someone please close the topic